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Recreation areas Polygon

Rest zone

Army tents based on the Polygon

Heated and illuminated large army tents (capacity 60-90 people) with necessary furniture for rest. Near the tents is equipped with a barbecue area. Placement of players and guests of the club in tents is conducted on the principle of “company with the company.” The cost of placing 300 rubles / person (from 11 and more), and 3000.00 rubles per company up to 10 people. inclusive. It is heated (in the cold period) by an army stove.

Tents (only summer period)

PRICE: 8000 rubles – capacity up to 20 people; 16000 rubles – capacity up to 40 people

Small and cozy tents.

Vip Zone

VIP area No. 1 includes:

Covered Area:

  • air conditioning
  • heating
  • washbasin
  • cooler (hot water)
  • landing zone up to 35 people (comfortable)

Street area:

  • managal
  • cutting table
  • lighting
  • landing zone up to 20 people. (comfortable)

The cost of VIP Zone 1 (PB “Polygon”) – 15000 rub.
Staying in the territory from 10-00 to 20-00 without exception

VIP number 2 includes:

  • covered separate room
  • heating
  • lighting
  • cooler (hot / cold water)
  • TV
  • planting area up to 45 people comfortable.

The cost of VIP Zone 2 (PB Polygon) – 15000 rub.
Staying in the territory from 10-00 to 20-00 without exception

Changing rooms

On the territory of the base there are warm changing rooms.

FUN zone

PRICE: 200 rub/person/10 min and 500 rub/person/day

For a warm season on the basis of the Polygon FUN-zone is organized. At the trampoline at the same time allowed no more than 3 children, on the inflatable hill – no more than 6 children. Volleyball, mini football, badminton, table football are also available.

“Fighters of SUMO”