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Base Kosino

Two tactical, one sports ground and a volcano area


Base Kosino

The base is closed!

Contact Information
Operating modeTuesday - Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, Monday - technical day
Base AddressMoscow, Bolshaya Kosinskaya st.139 p.9A
Metro stationNovokosino, Vykhino, Lermontovsky Avenue
Base Phone8-903-29-33-777 - Alexey (from 10 am to 8 pm)
Driving directions

The last car from the center, from the glass doors to the left and the first steps to the left. Come out of the glass doors and go straight. Stop in front of BP refueling. Buses: 773 or 723, go to the stop “ul. Great Kosinskaya d.160 ». Then walk in the opposite direction 300 meters.

From MKAD:
6th km. MKAD. Congress on the index on the street. Nikolay Starostin both from the inner and the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road.
The very first traffic light is 250 meters from the Moscow Ring Road. This intersection st. Nikolay Starostin (directly) B.Kosinskaya (right) -Suzdalskaya (left) At the traffic light turn right and continue along the street. B. Kosinskaya straight 450 meters. Entrance to the right of the gate from the street. B. Kosinskaya. The fence is green, the metal grill. At the entrance to the right and left of the gate are large banners: “KIDBALL, PAINTBALL, LASERTAG” and the blue banner “SPORTS AREA OF CONTROL” KOSINO-UHTOMSKAYA. “Parking is 30 meters from the entrance directly .The administration is 50 meters from the entrance to the right.