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Just 3 steps to organize a child's or adult's holiday!

For the birthday person free admission and hire for paintball the week before and after the birthday


Дополнительное оборудование и экипировка
Separate placement after the game
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If you want to arrange a holiday for children or adults, paintball is perhaps the coolest idea for a birthday for the whole day. You will get a lot of emotions in the open air, easily organize the table to your taste, and no boring clowns and animators! You do not need to think how to entertain guests – they will selflessly jump from one card to another, sharing their impressions with those who were not with them on the battlefield and finding out the relationship with those who were. Yes, there may be bruises and abrasions (you have to run, after all). Evening dress will have to be replaced with a tracksuit. Maybe have to go longer than the nearest bowling.
But excitement and vivid memories are guaranteed. Children’s and adult paintball, laser tag and kiddball for children from 5 years old. Paintball pyrotechnics, grenades and smoke bombs, pro-equipment for those who are older.