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1200 rubles for two hours of play, 500 rubles for each subsequent hour


We suggest you to plunge into the world of “Star Wars” using laser weapons, and transfer computer virtuality to the real reality of our world!

Stepping in step with the latest computer technologies, we offer you shooting fun – a laser tag game or laser paintball (a simulator of combat using a safe infrared ray). The game takes place without physical contact, which allows you to play without fear of pain.

Computer technology in the game

Shots are impulses of safe IR rays (as in the remote control of the TV), so this is the safest option of the game. The entry is electronically fixed. Range up to 150 meters. Rain and wind do not create any obstacles for the shot, the player feels comfortable.

In laser paintball with pleasure will play your tender girlfriends and children. Also we invite computer gaming enthusiasts to move into reality, holding in hand a real electronic blaster.

We guarantee you a good mood and unforgettable impressions for the whole day!

Out-of-line laser tag

In general, the “off-line laser tag” is similar to the already well-known “paintball”, but it has a number of differences, such as:

  • high firing range (at least 150 m);
  • no wind noise;
  • not limited number of charges;
  • no need to use special clothing, helmet-masks, etc.

Extra-laser tag has many advantages:

  • the game takes place without physical contact, which allows you to play not only men, but women and children, without fear of pain and bruises;
  • Do not need a specially equipped polygon, you can play on any kind of terrain, on any terrain;
  • The game can take place at any time of the year and at any time of the day (at night the illumination works);
  • you can play in any clothing that is convenient for you.

From you only desire is required. Everything else is our job. Paintland – a place where you can play laser tag in Moscow cheaply at any time.

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