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Just 3 steps to organize a child's or adult's holiday!

Do not forget that for a birthday person, regardless of age, free admission and rental of a standard set a week before and after Birthday.

Night games

The application can be submitted not earlier than two days.
Number of players not less than 10, but not more than 100, but the number of guests is not more than the number of players
Your balls
Paintball 0.50 cal
Place in the recreation area
Amount for making advance payment: 0 rub
Total amount: 0 rub
The full amount includes an advance payment, as well as additional equipment and services.

Notes: The calculation includes entry, rental of standard equipment, 500 balls (paintball) 200 balls (kidball) or 2 hours of laser tag games. Prices do not differ by database. Prices vary by age of players (child (student) / adult) and by type of event.