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Outgoing games

Our team will come to you and organize a game

Outgoing games

Often the organization of leisure is often accompanied by various difficulties, especially if you plan to relax a large company and you do not have the opportunity to come to our paintball club.

Club “Peyntland” provides you with a service – TRAVEL GAME in your territory.

The playground can be a summer residence, a holiday home, a nearby forest, a city area or another playground that can be adapted for the game.

The Paintland Club will provide you with the necessary equipment, referees and technical personnel to conduct the game according to all rules. We can organize and hold a game with up to 1000 people, so this is an ideal solution for large-scale corporate events.

TRAVEL GAME – is not only paintball but also laser tag, e-fire, and kickball.

In the first place, visiting games require a competent choice of the site, taking into account the number of participants. It is also necessary to provide a place for recreation of players, a small area for the judiciary and technical personnel. Organizing away games, our experts pay increased attention to security and calculate all the options for creating and installing shelters for the game. For this reason, before the games, our co-workers come to you to really assess the area of ​​the territory and the terrain. If space is not enough, we will do our best to make the most of all the opportunities for a full-fledged game.

The improvised playground will be fenced with an alarm tape, and our employees will monitor to prevent the appearance of random passers-by or unauthorized persons in the playing area for security purposes. If the games take place in the forest, it will help to use natural shelters, and if this is an even platform, we will be able to recreate artificial shelters. Along with this, it is important to provide opportunities for the entrance of vehicles or game special equipment (tanks, armored cars).

Offsite games are one of the most popular types of corporate leisure organization, including Teambuilding events. In many companies, the concepts of “team building” and tactical games have long been inseparable. Tactical games (paintball, laser tag, eagle, kiddball) in your territory can become both the main types of recreation, and an important component of large-scale corporate events. Tactical games contribute to strengthening the team spirit, allow you to correctly place the emphasis in the relationships in the team and create a positive atmosphere for informal communication. We will take on the decision of all organizational issues, and you will only have to enjoy the game, while developing your strategic and communication skills in parallel.