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Offers for teams, children’s training, special prices for balls.

Sports paintball

In 1981, paintball as an independent sport began its existence and development, the pace of which is still gaining momentum.

Anyone can play sports paintball, who is not opposed to physical education. Playgrounds for sports paintball of small sizes with inflatable shelters of the installed sample of brightly colored material, from which the spots from the shots are easily removed. These shelters are arranged in several symmetrical rows and have simple geometric shapes. The boundaries of the playground for sports paintball must be protected by a protective net. The form of players in sports paintball bright, not camouflage colors, as in tactical paintball.

The rules of the game in sports paintball are more stringent than in conventional paintball. The team must have five players and the teams are in an equal position. Markers for sports paintball have a barrel of a certain length, the speed of the ball’s departure is also strictly fixed. Players need more balls than entertaining paintball. Discipline in the conduct of the game is very strict, because this is a very dynamic game with a high incandescence of passions. The playing time is limited to a few minutes (usually five to seven minutes). Special training is required for this game.

On the beginning of the game, the referee notifies the referee with a special signal. On this signal the players leave the starting base and run to their cover. The team wins, the player of which, without being struck, will deliver the flag to the base or press a button on the enemy base.

All disputable and difficult situations arising in the process of playing sports paintball are resolved by the referee’s team.

Playing sports paintball helps develop tactical and strategic thinking, an excellent eye, a quick reaction. If children play sports paintball, then it develops in them a solid character, discipline, will to win and team spirit.

To date, in DOSAAF RUSSIA paintball is the 26th technical sport. In addition, paintball competitions are held for various kinds, including international ones. Russian teams occupy one of the first places in the world in holding these tournaments. Our teams take part in international competitions in sports paintball since 1994.

Paintland offers the following sports services:


– Rent a sports ground for team training.


2000 rub. field rental per hour

only club balls. (1900 rubles box of type AlfaSniper, Dazlle)


Children’s and youthful section on paintball

Age: from 9 years to 19 years (Format Ю-19)

Weekly SCHEDULE 2017:

Sunday: 12:00 to 14:00

Address: m. Novokosino, st. Big Kosinskaya 139. Paintball club DOSAAF “Paintland-Kosino”

Cost of the lesson:

1500 rub. (Entrance to the club, two packs of balls, coach work),

Rental of equipment + 200 r.

The tasks of the paintball section DOSAAF:

The main task of the sports section is the preparation of young men and women:

For the passage of the selection to the Junior Team of Russia and further protection of the country’s honor at the international level.

To participate in local and All-Russian competitions.

To get a sports category for the sport “paintball”.

The section is focused on the full, comprehensive development of the young body, strength, care, endurance, coordination, flexibility of the body and mind, willpower, stress resistance. Classes in the sports section will strengthen and lock health for many years of life. Athletes begin their journey by studying simple basic elements of sports paintball, gradually moving to more complex and spectacular elements of this sport, gradually becoming professionals in their field.

Social Education.

A sports team is a huge set of social, life situations with which athletes learn to cope, fight side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

Thanks to this, students become more confident in their abilities, responsible, disciplined, set specific goals and achieve them, develop leadership qualities, improve academic performance at school, at the institute.


Visit major Moscow and Moscow region scenario games.


From 100 to 2000 people playing on one hectare of forest, abandoned buildings, at Sheremetyevo Airport, with tanks, cars and armored vehicles.

Under the supervision of coaches athletes perform the tasks set together, in a team.

Students develop an interest in an alternative, healthy pastime, establish relationships with friends for many years.


Summer fees in a sports paintball camp.

Children’s section on sports paintball is a good choice for those who want to find a reliable assistant in raising a child.



mob: 8 (966) 152-20-04

e-mail: alexeylipin@ymail.com


Playing on the sports field at the rate of “Your balls”


1000 rub. entrance,

Its balls (it is forbidden to use ellow mellow balls)

Дополнительное оборудование и экипировка
Separate placement after the game
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