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It happens that all our lines are busy and we can not answer your call. In this case, we have collected a list of questions asked by 99% of those who came to us for the first time. Perhaps the answers to your questions are already here.

How much does it cost to play?

To play at us will cost from 1300р on the person for adults and 1100р for the child / schoolboy / student (with student’s).

In which case will the cost per person increase?

  • if you want more balls, as well as smoke or paintball grenades
  • if you decide to stay in the recreation areas after the game, cook shish kebab, cover the table, arrange a continuation of the holiday (from 200p seat).
  • if instead of the standard rental you will use “advanced” (electronic markers, long barrels, sports masks, protection elements on any precious part of your body).
  • if you use the additional services of our partners or ours: go-karting, fan zone, bugs, catering, animators, etc.

How do I enroll in paintball?

You must leave the application by phone or through the site (if you make an application through the site, wait for confirmation from our employee). Within 3 days you deposit a reservation in the amount of entrance tickets for a larger number of participants (300r per adult and 200 per child). The rest is paid on the spot. The payment methods are indicated in the “Order of the game” section.

If our company after the game wants to continue rest on your territory – how does it happen?

  • You can stay in army tents (200r per person, capacity 60 people per tent), your company will have a separate table and seats, but other companies may be located in the same tent. In front of the tents are equipped with barbecue areas. Tents are heated in the cold season and ventilated in the warm.
  • You can rent a VIP-zone (separate room) and be accommodated separately, the reservation is made according to a 100% prepayment, which does not return and is not transferred to other dates if you change your mind to come. There are also mangal zones in front of the VIP-houses.
  • Whichever type of accommodation you choose, you can prepare a shish kebab (rent a barbecue with all the necessary 500r), order pizza, bring food and drinks with you, order catering from our menu (prepayment), and use your catering.

What is included in the price?

Everything you need to play about 1.5 hours. Entrance to the territory, standard rental (camouflage, double-glass mask, marker with feeder and ballon, disposable gloves, bandana, protective vest for children and girls), accompaniment of the referee instructor, 500 balls (1 pack). Shoes should be yours. The length of stay on the sites depends on how quickly you shoot your 500 balls.

How is the paintball game going?

Approximately 30-40 minutes you will spend on dressing up, instructing, getting equipment. Then you will leave on the first platform. The duration of the game on one site is about 15 minutes. Until the members of one team “shoot” all the participants of the other. Then you go to the next site. And so until you get tired of playing or your balls will not end. You can take a break, have a snack and continue. After that you take out the form and equipment and relax.

Paintball – does it hurt?

There are painful sensations and bruises, if in spite of safety rules, players shoot at close range. Painful, but absolutely safe also hit the fingers. As a rule, excitement makes you not notice the pain. Even children with unsuccessful hits forget about them in a few seconds and continue to play. In order to increase comfort, children and girls are given free protective vests covering the trunk. In the assortment there are many protection elements, such as protection of the neck, groin, helmet, etc.

Can children play paintball?

Probably no one likes paintball the way children do. We recommend arranging paintball holidays for children under 10 years old. In this case, children aged 8-12 years are the safest and most interesting to play in adult paintball, if parents play with them on the site. If a child is less than 8 years old, we recommend the so-called mini paintball. For him, special baby equipment is used, which is easier and safer. In any case, we do not allow children to play before the game, if there is no accompanying person over 18 years old.

What is more interesting – paintball or laser tag?

Most players consider paintball more interesting and exciting, despite the fact that when playing a laser tag, there are no painful sensations, and the principle of the game is about the same.

Where is the laser tag playing?

On the same sites as paintball.

We do not want to play paintball, you can just come to you with the company, fry a shish kebab, relax in the fresh air?

Paintball is our “bread”, so we provide our recreation areas only to our customers. Of course, sometimes guests come to them who do not play paintball. At least half of your company should play paintball, or simply pay the game “minimum” for each person – for 1300r and you can relax on our territory.

Do I pay for the game and rental for every hour or all of the time? Should I “book” a certain playground?

You pay rent and rent of recreation areas for the whole day from 10.00 to 20.00. All paintball maps are available for our guests.

I have to assemble my team or join other players?

Optimal to assemble your company from 6 people to …. You will be divided into two teams. If nobody wants to go with you, or you are too little, you can come without a record, and they will try to attach you to another company. Harder if you want to join the child – the responsibility for it “alien” company is likely not to take. You can also join the Paintball Weekend group on the VC network (active link), and join the event.

How best to dress for paintball?

Paintball is an active kind of leisure, and our entire territory is adapted for this. Regardless of whether you play or not, we recommend that girls refrain from evening dresses, high heels and platforms, kapron tights / stockings and other attributes of evening out. Most of the time you will spend in the open air, the weather can deteriorate, it will drizzle rain, this will not prevent the event, if you will be comfortably dressed. Choose functional clothing and shoes, in which you can move freely and do not freeze. For children, as they move and sweat a lot, especially in cold or slushy weather, we recommend taking changeable t-shirts / socks / shoes to change after the game.

Do you have a closed area? Or do we have to be outdoors all the time? And if it rains?

We play only in open areas. Rest zones are closed, you will not get wet if it rains. If bad weather finds you during the game, the rain will not hurt you, you will have camouflage and you will feel even more comfortable than when playing in hot weather. Our club operates year-round, because in paintball you can play in any season, in the snow, rain and slush, even a fairly low temperature (to -15) will not prevent you.

If I made a prepayment for 10 people, and decided to come 13 – you can take them? And what happens if fewer people come?

If we decided to play a few more people than enrolled, we will be able to accept them. If they did not reach those for whom the booking was prepaid, their admission tickets will unfortunately “burn down”.

If I can not make a prepayment for booking in the amount of entrance tickets, can I come and play without prepayment?


  • if you are a holder of our VIP card
  • if you are 1-5 people and you intend to join another company
  • if you are willing to wait until the judge-instructor, who leads another company and takes care of yours, becomes free, and also can leave if we can not receive your company.

If during the game I fail unsuccessfully, break my arm / leg, get another serious injury – will I be able to provide medical assistance?

All our guests are insured against getting injuries related to playing paintball. If the case is really serious, an ambulance will call for you. Doctors will note the presence of damage and, in the future, the cost of your treatment, if it is required, will cover the insurance company. The case will not be recognized as insurance if you were injured not in our club, or were in a state of intoxication when the accident took place.

I made a prepayment for entrance tickets but we could not come – what will happen to my money?

The judge instructor who was waiting for your company will receive payment for his working time. If you notify us in less than 48 hours that you will not be able to arrive, we will postpone your event and save the amount of the advance payment.